Catering from The Quinty Bakehouse

Catering for a function or work party has never been easier, as Quinty Bakehouse takes care of it all.

Our catering packs are the perfect and easy solution for person who is busy enough organising the other details needed to put a wonderful experience for a group of people together.

  • Mixed selection of mini tarts or muffins also finger food slices, cookies and our famous vanilla slice or cannoli even a chocolate brownie -  $5.50 per person (2 pieces).
  • Large blueberry muffins - $4.00.
  • Lemonade scones with jam and fresh cream - $3.80 each.
  • Hot mixture of delicious mini pies ( least 4 flavours) and quiches ( least 2 flavours) also sausage rolls, complimentary condiments included. Available hot or cold - $4.50 per person (2 pieces).
  • Wrap selection- a fresh and healthy option, includes 3 party wraps, each with different fillings per person - $7.50 per person (3 pieces).
  • Sushi vegetarian or seafood $3.50 each or 2 per person with complimentary condiments included.
  • Pumpkin soup with sourdough bap $6.50 each in t/a cup and spoon.
  • Fresh fruit platters - $4.30 per person.
  • Cheese/lavosh/antipasto/deli platters - $6.60 per person.
  • Combination fruit/cheese platters - $5.50 per person.
  • Combination hot finger food, sandwiches, fresh fruit platters, pastries and orange juice or apple juice - $18.00 per person.
  • Combination sandwiches, hot finger food, fresh fruit platters and orange juice or apple juice - $15.00 per person.
  • Combination sandwiches, fresh fruit platters and orange juice or apple juice - $14.00 per person.
  • Juice 2 litre 100% juices Orange-mango, apple, pineapple, apple blackcurrant - $5.00 each.

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Dietary requirements

Please discuss with us any dietary requirements your guests may have.

Our virtually gluten free range consists of products handmade with gluten free ingredients. However since they are prepared in a gluten environment, these products may contain traces of air-born gluten.

Easy payment

In person at any of our outlets using cash or EFTPOS, via direct deposit, by credit card over the phone.

Of course we’ll also send out an invoice for your records. Please note that payment is required 24hours prior to pick up.

Gluten free cookies and fresh cut fruit or sushi available for gluten free option

Please give us at least 48 hours weekday notice.

All catering options are charged at a per person rate Minimum order : 12 people x 2 options in any combination (=24 serves)